Coronation Photos

2010 Eldorado High School
Homecoming Coronation

Senior Candidates

Emily Cunningham escorted by Derek Miller
Chasidie Dowdy escorted by Dakota Metten
Christine Dubble escorted by Caid Griffin
Aly Mahoney escorted by Dakota Parker


Junior Attendants

Molly Davis escorted by Joe Blair
Jessica Wilson escorted by Jacob Ninness

Juniors Coronation

Sophomore Attendants

Ashley Brown escorted by Cody Potts
Emily Pemberton escorted by Brennan Unthank

Sophmore Attendants

Freshman Attendants

Abbie Hudnell escorted by Derek Mitchell
Samantha Mings escorted by Dylan Roberts


Congratulations to our Queen & King
Chasidie Dowdy and Derek Miller

Queen and King